One of the best things about a Glamping Holiday is having your very own fire pit outside each bell tent. We know that sitting out under the stars until late and toasting your complimentary marshmallows on the campfire are some of the highlights of your glamping trip. We have lots of guests staying with us who are complete camping novices and therefore the thought of building a campfire can be a little daunting! Because we think it’s so important that everyone can experience the joys of sitting round the campfire we’ve put together a step by step guide below to ensure that you will have a roaring fire in no time!


Sit your fire pit a safe distance away from your bell tent.



Start small! Gather some newspaper, firelighters and kindling (all provided.) Bunch a few sheets of newspaper into tightly packed balls and position them in the middle of the firepit. Place 2 firelighters amongst the paper. Next, arrange the kindling around the newspaper to create a teepee shape as seen below:




Lighting the fire. You will find matches and candle tapers inside your tent. Light 3-5 areas of the newspaper/firelighter around the bottom of the fire. If the kindling is slow to light try gently blowing on the fire to help things along.



Fire maintenance. Your fire is lit and you’re nearly ready to toast those marshmallows! The small fire you’ve created will not last for very long and will require some maintenance to keep it going until bedtime. Once the kindling is burning nicely you need to add some larger pieces of wood from the log store that will burn slower, but for longer. Once these bigger pieces have caught you can then just keep topping it up with larger pieces of wood as you feel appropriate.



Putting out the fire. We suggest letting the fire go out of its own accord. Therefore stop adding wood 45 minutes before heading off to bed and place the guard back over the fire pit.


I hope the above guarantees a fun evening around the campfire.


Happy Glamping!