Glamping Holiday is the perfect place for a digital detox where you can get back to the simple life and spend some quality time with the family, tech free. With minimal distractions it’s the ideal opportunity for games galore. There is a games box on site, however we feel some of the best games are the made up kind, that involve little or no equipment. Here’s our top five that will definitely make for a memorable glamping trip:



Similar to hide and seek this is a fantastic game that used to keep my children entertained for hours on family camping trips. It is also great to play with fellow glampers. All you need is a large area. The object of the game is for the person ‘It’ to capture the other players.

How to Play:

A player is chosen as ‘It’ and a landmark is chosen as the base e.g. a tree or bell tent! The remaining players must run and hide while ‘It’ counts to 40. ‘It’ must then go and look for the other players while they try and get back to base without being seen. If a player reaches the base without being seen they must shout ‘40/40 i’m free.’ They are then safe, waiting at the base for the remainder of the game.

In order to catch someone ‘It’ must see the person, run back to base and call ‘40/40 I see (name) behind (object.)’ Players that are caught must return back to base. The first person to be caught is ‘It’ for the next game. However if a race occurs between ‘It’ and a player and the hiding player wins they can shout ‘40/40 save all’ and the current person ‘It’ remains ‘It’ for the next game. Play continues until everyone has been found.


Glamping Olympicswelly wanging

Holding your own Glamping Olympics is an excellent way of entertaining the whole family. The games box on site with cones, tennis balls etc provides the perfect grounds for devising your own games. Relay races, welly wanging are just a few ideas. Don’t forget to come up with a scoring system and prizes.


Earth, Air, Water and Fire

All you need to play this game is a handkerchief or something similar e.g. a scrunched up tissue. Players sit in a circle. One person throws the handkerchief/ item to another player stating either earth, fire, water or air. The person who catches the handkerchief has to come up with an animal that lives on the ground (earth), a bird or insect (air), or animal that lives in the water (water). If fire is called out the person who catches the handkerchief has to quickly throw it to someone else. Players have 10 seconds to come up with a word; if they cannot think of a word then they are out of a round. The last person to remain in the round is the winner.



This is a hilarious, fast paced game that requires some spoons and a pack of cards.

Have everyone sit in a circle and place the spoons in the middle. There should be one less than the number of players e.g. 7 players, 6 spoons. Deal each player four cards. The remaining cards form a stack. To begin the game, the first player takes a card from the deck and places it into his/her hand. They decide whether to keep this card or not. He or she quickly discards one card from their hand and passes it, face down, to the next person in the circle (clockwise order.)

The goal is to try and get 4 of a kind e.g. four 8’s. Once a person gets 4 of the same rank of card, they are now eligible to grab a spoon from the middle. Once anyone takes a spoon from the middle, the rest of the players can now grab a spoon, even if they don’t yet have four of a kind. In order not to lose, you must grab a spoon in time. The last player (the one who was not successful in getting a spoon) loses and must leave the circle. Decrease the number of spoons by one and repeat this process until there is only one winner left.



Scavenger Hunt

An old favourite that is a great way of getting children to connect with the natural environment. You must devise a list of items for players to collect such oak leaves, feathers and bark. Provide each participant with a bag and send them off to search! The winner is whoever has collected the most items on the list after an agreed period of time, or whoever finds all the items first!



Happy Glamping!