Whilst we are pleased to have been given the green light to start taking bookings from July 4th onwards, we are having to implement some significant changes to operate as safely as possible. Under the circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have gone to great measures to protect our staff, visitors and our local community. We would ask you to show the same spirit. Please find below a list of the measures we’re implementing.

Limited Capacity

We are not accepting large group bookings this season. All of our 2020 group bookings have been postponed until 2021.

There will only be 2 sets of guests on the field at any one time in order to maintain social distancing. We have 2 kitchen areas so each family will have their own kitchen and the toilet/shower block will be divided into two separate areas. There are 2 flushing toilets and a shower on the ladies side and a flushing toilet and shower on the mens side. The larger party will be given the ladies side. Please don’t be alarmed when you drive onto the field and see 4 tents up. The reason for 4 tents is because the virus is believed to live on some surfaces for 72 hours. In order to be able to have midweek guests in between the weekends I need more than 2 tents to achieve this. Effectively 2 tents will be for weekend use only and 2 tents for midweek use only so there will be a 5 day gap between tents being occupied. You cannot put harsh chemicals on the canvas walls and doors as it destroys the proofing leaving us with a very leaky tent! The two tents in use at any one time are 35 metres apart from one another.

The Site

The toilet/shower block is normally cleaned twice a day. However, as these facilities are now effectively private bathrooms they will only be deep cleaned after guests check out. This is for staff safety.

To protect staff, we will be leaving a 72-hour window before entering the tents to clean. Guests will be asked to strip their own beds and all soft furnishings that can be laundered. Guests will be asked to place laundry in the laundry bag provided in their tent. This will be left for 72 hours before being laundered.  A notice will be placed inside each tent advising guests what needs to be taken off to be washed.

The complimentary breakfast hamper (bacon, eggs, bread and milk) will still be supplied along with marshmallows. If you would rather not receive these and bring your own supplies then please let me know.

 We advise guests, where possible to bring food and drink supplies with them to reduce reliance and congestion in local shops.

There will be no shared games box on the field. You will find games in your kitchen. The badminton net will be up and a set of rackets and shuttle cocks will be placed in each kitchen.

There will be no communal log store. You will find your own supply of logs, kindling and fire lighting materials in your kitchen.

Each tent has its own picnic bench, chairs and firepit. You can cook on this using our logs or please bring your own charcoal if you would rather. Disposable BBQ’s are also permitted. We recommend placing this on the fire pit grill and not on the ground.  We will have the gas BBQ on the field. However, as we only have one, guests will have to liaise with each other. You will be required to disinfect the BBQ after use using the cleaning materials provided so that it can be used by others on the field if required. If both tents are occupied by families that know each other then we advise that one family are put in charge of barbecuing!

All other communal touch points on the field are being removed e.g. leaflets, magazines and walking routes. You will find laminated walking routes in your assigned kitchen.

You will find an information pack inside your tent. We are not removing these as they do contain some useful information re the local area. We kindly request guests do no remove the information sheets from the plastic pouches.

As would normally be the case anti-bacterial soap will be placed at all sinks on the field. We have 80% alcohol hand sanitiser on site too. If you have your own then please bring it with you. We would please remind guests to follow good hygiene practices at all times during their stay and wash your hands regularly.  Signs on effective hand washing will be placed at all sinks. As per official guidance it has been suggested that guests need to wash their hands as soon as they arrive on the field. This is also very important if you have been out and about in the local area in order to maintain a clean environment on the field

There will be an adequate supply of cleaning materials under each sink (as always) for guests to use in order to maintain the cleanliness of the site during their stay.

We have always had a very high standard of cleaning in place, but are following government advice for deep cleaning between guests. We have undertaken an online training course about the correct cleaning materials to use during Covid 19. As a result, all professional cleaning products used are recommended for use during the pandemic and comply with BS EN 1276 which kills 99.999% of the germs.

All kitchen utensils, plates, glasses, cutlery etc will be placed in the dishwasher between guests. We will be wearing gloves to handle items.

The glamping field gate must be kept open at all times to avoid it becoming a communal touch point.

Glampers will not be able to have any day visitors on the field. Your tent and facilities must only be used by members of the same household.


In order to maintain full control of the diary and ensure guests are following the rules in relation to who they are coming with all online bookings are suspended and prospective guests will have to book directly through us.

We are no longer accepting cash deposits. All deposits are now required to be sent via bank transfer.

Check in is from 4.30pm onwards and check out is by 11am on the day of departure. Please do not arrive on the field before this time as we cannot ensure it is safe for the next set of guests until a full deep clean has been completed.

The estate

The estate where the glamping site is located is a retirement home for people that have worked at sea. All of these residents are incredibly vulnerable. Guests will be unable to access via the front entrance to the estate as this has all been cordoned off to protect residents. We will send out directions with the new route on the estate along with your kit list. It is very important that guests stick to footpaths, avoid the main house, bar/social club facilities and walled garden. There will be signs up in both kitchens to reiterate this.

We have just been informed that the fishing lake will be reopening from July 1st. It’s a short walk from the field and you will need to bring your own rods. You can find further information here Lots of our guests seem to catch something!

You must maintain social distancing at all times on the field, around the estate and surrounding local area. Children must be supervised at all times so that they do not, albeit inadvertently, break the social distance rule.

COVID-19 symptoms

Lastly, any guests exhibiting symptoms or has any reason to believe they may have come into contact with the virus up to 14 days prior to their booking must follow the Government instruction to self-isolate and follow NHS guidelines.  Therefore, they should not arrive on site. Guests that are already staying on site that show any symptoms must notify us immediately and vacate the site to self-isolate at home.

Sorry for the long list of rules and lots of information but we hope you appreciate that ensuring guests have a safe stay with us is our highest priority in these challenging times. If we all proceed with common sense then I feel our small site is a safe place for guests to enjoy a much needed change of scenery.

If you’re interested in staying with us then please email for prices and availability.